Workflow: iPad support email

One of the best examples of iOS automation is how students and staff in my district use Workflow to generate and send me an email to get help with their iPads. While writing an email is not difficult, this workflow reduces the time and friction involved so that our students will be less likely to procrastinate in seeking assistance. Just as important, students then do not have to leave class to come and get help. Instead, I get the email and go to them.

The Workflow prompts the student (or staff member) to enter his/her name and to describe the iPad issue s/he is having. An email is then populated with all of the pertinent information. The student simply must tap send and s/he is done. So a student could start the request and be done in 30 seconds. If there is one thing that my 20+ years of teaching has taught me is that ease of use and brevity is a necessity to get students and teachers using a new support system and Workflow has this nailed!

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Workflow: iPad Support email