Workflow: Twitter chat

I often participate and sometimes host Twitter chats. This is an activity that I find much more enjoyable doing while sitting back in my favorite chair. Previously, I would participate in Twitter chats sitting in front of my Mac that has a 27" Thunderbolt Display so that I could have all of the resources I wanted to share quickly accessible to me.

Workflow has made it easy for me to share my thoughts, links, and even moderate a Twitter quickly and easily right from my iPad. Additionally starting with iOS 9, split screen on the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro has made using Workflow for Twitter chats even better, faster, more enjoyable. There are two Workflows I use to participate in a Twitter chat:

  1. A general purpose answer tweet that allows me to enter the text of my answer.
  2. An action extension Workflow that enables me to tap the share button in Safari, Chrome, Tweetbot, Twitter, etc gets the name of the article, the URL, and then allows me to enter more text if I choose to do so.

I find that these two Workflows are the only ones I need to fully participate in a Twitter chat from the comfort of my favorite chair. Also, when moderating a Twitter chat I use Workflow to create pre-composed question Tweets that can be Tweeted out in 2 seconds. Workflow makes Twitter chats easier and more enjoyable in which to participate.

Workflow Links Twitter chat text answer

Twitter chat link answer