Workflow: Remind & Run

Like most educators I typically have many different things going on during the school day that require my attention to shift between those varied and different tasks quite often throughout the school day. Consequently, it is easy for me to forget to do some of my job requirements that are not directly related to the education and support of my students. So if there is a Workflow that I need to run at a specific time, then I need another Workflow to remind me to run it. Fortunately, there is a Workflow named "Remind and run" that was created by Reddit user Tashawn that enables me to create a link in the iOS Reminders app or 2Do that will that will launch my desired Workflow from tapping the link in the reminder alert. This"Remind and run" Workflow has made Launch Center Pro obsolete for me.

Workflow link: Remind & run[^1]

[^1]:Created by TaShawn