Workflow: Build a Math Formulas Calculator


I have been out of the math classroom for four years. One of the aspects of teaching math that I miss most is incorporating new and exciting technologies in my teaching. Workflow is one of those technologies/apps that makes me want to be teaching math again. Fortunately my math position was filled by my student-teacher. So I can drop in and guest lecture in his class whenever I want to do so. The next time I feel the need to teach a math lesson I am going to go into his classroom and we are going to do a project based on working with math formulas. The centerpiece or goal of this project will be for the students to create a Workflow that will calculate the answer of a given formula by entering the values for the variables of the formula. I am really excited to see the Workflows that our students will create to find the surface area of a prism, the volume of a sphere, or the permutation of an amount items. I fully expect that having students create these Workflows will give them a deeper understanding of the formulas and why they are what they are.

Workflow link: Math formulas calculator