21: 'There's a Negation of Failure in This Beautiful, Utopian Space.' with West Chester University Swift Playgrounds Study Group

West Chester University Swift Playgrounds Research Team

Pictured L to R: Dr. Chris Penny, Dr. Laquana Cooke, and Dr. Jordan Schugar. Not pictured: Dr. Heather Schugar

Pictured L to R: Dr. Chris Penny, Dr. Laquana Cooke, and Dr. Jordan Schugar. Not pictured: Dr. Heather Schugar

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Alternative Title: 'Swift Playgrounds App: It's the Macaroni and Cheese to Where You Put the Vegetables That Is Computer Science!'

I had the distinct honor of interviewing four professors from West Chester University of Pennsylvania: Dr. Chris Penny, Dr. Laquanna Cooke, Dr. Heather Schugar, and Dr. Jordan Schugar. They recently conducted a study with their undergraduate education majors that looked at coding in the Swift Playgrounds app. We had a thoughtful and extensive discussion on learning programming languages, coding, transferring skills, and implications for undergraduate teacher preparation. I think you will enjoy the episode. I really enjoyed the conversation!

West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Chris Penny:
Twitter: @chrispenny
Dr. Penny's Book: Technology Leadership in Teacher Education: Integrated Solutions and Experiences

Laquana Cooke:
Twitter: @virtuouswmnphd

Heather Schugar:
Twitter: @hschugar

Jordan Schugar:
Twitter: @jschugar

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