Workflow links

Here are links to the workflows I have made, found, modified, and/or use:


Email a group

Email a group with attachment

Email to calendar

iPad Support email

Email quick reply using clipboard

Lunch email reply using clipboard

Out of Building reply using clipboard

Compose agend email

Lunch reply via Airmail

Out of Building via Airmail


Class Reminder

HW Reminder

Twitter chat text answer

Twitter chat link answer

Pre-presentation Tweet

Post Presentation Tweet


Interim/grading period comments - Dropbox

Interim/grading period comments - Evernote

Report card comments - high

Report card comments - average

Report card comments - low

Record HW excuses - audio Evernote

Record HW excuses - audio Dropbox

Create student portfolios - Evernote

Create student portfolios - Dropbox

Professional tasks

Screenshot "How-to" share

Screenshot "How-to" email

Screenshot triage

Manage missed/overdue Reminders

HW or project reminder - using Drafts

HW or project reminder - using Workflow only

New Evernote Todo

Task management using 2Do

Remind and run

Occasional task reminders

Markdown to iBook

Workflows to use while teaching

Randomly assign student groups - Notes app

Randomly assign student groups - Evernote

Randomly assign student groups - Dropbox

Randomly assign research topics - Notes app

Randomly assign research topics - Evernote

Randomly assign research topics - Dropbox

Daily inspirational quote

Reserve equipment or space

Workflows to use with students

Download app icon

Download app icon and artwork

Download a YouTube video

Research similar sites

URL link list

Wayback machine


View source

Language Translation - English (updated)

English to French (updated)

Language Translation - English

English to French

Math formulas calculator

Make PDF - modified version of the original Make PDF Workflow

Read this to me

Special Education Workflows

Need card

Speak body of article

Read this to me

Speak text

Student voice



General use Workflows

Archive paper

Tax receipts

Grocery list

Activity Calc

Boarding text

Just landed text

Workflow backup

Backup individual Workflows

Picture Note

Web Clipper - sends file to Dropbox

Web Clipper 1 - sends file to Apple Notes